Diane Jasper

Diane Jasper

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There are several types of tests that help evaluate students in different ways. the 5 C's are a great reminder. 

Performance measurement is crucial for the instructor to be able to gage whether actual long term learning and retention is happening. 

effective use of questioning technique can greatly enhance learning and give the instructor a baseline of where students are at. 

focus on different learning styles, partnering, peer learning- all great student engagement tactics. 

The attitudes of any instructor gets reflected in their students because students follow the instructor's lead.  balance is important to be fair and be empathetic  but don't get sucked into their issues. 

engaging students is a group and individual task for instructors. Holding accountability by providing feedback is critical to students and can be a high motivator. 

Teaching starts with you. if you have a passion for your trade, and love what you do- it shows and carries over to the students. 

Instructors teach in groups but they also must be looked at as individuals, with different individual needs addressed

using a variety of teaching styles better ensures the instructor's ability to reach all students. lesson and academic planning is also crucial to the educator's success

Bonding starts on day 1 between students and their instructors. They need to be able to trust the level of experience and expertise in the resepctive field and also learn that the instructor is human 

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