Naina or Tina Bhandari

Naina or Tina Bhandari

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I got, Expose, Experiences and Educate or as I like to say, E-cubed. 

I agree with motivating, but if we know the students then we are even better at motivating. All the modules are coming together

We were all students once. I like how this module rewires us to be on the other side with considerateness

DIfferentiated instruction! ENjoyed this section

I always believe if we are comfortable with our content we can always share it with compassion and creativity. Great module

Adult students come from such diverse life experiences that acknowledgement of who they are and what they have done to be in my class room is a powerful tool to reach them

I learned and confirmed that if I want to teach and promote content knowledge KNOW my students, enter their heads and guide them irrelevant of who they are

I teach Psychology. In both the classes I start with this article as an icebreaker. And I do it in many ways. It can provoke a lot of conversation and thoughts how they see themselves and others and reflect on themselves for a while before we hit topics in class and they continue on their journey.

In the Covid-19 "era" I had to reevaluate everything to be accessible and engaging and exciting all over again as I could not be movong around. So this was good to get my brain cells rejuvenated!!

A syllabus helps student lock in the logistics of a course. As instructiors we should also give them the space and place to learn with the social and emotional challenges they face.

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