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Verbal praise | New blog by Rita Shertick

The more I verbally praise a student in front of their peers they strive to keep a high level of competance. Critisism is always done privately but I phrase it as how to do it better next time.

Stay in compliance | New blog by Rita Shertick

Be aware of the regulations to be accurate in discussing programs with your students, or know who to go to for the most updated information.

Inquiring minds | New blog by Rita Shertick

Inquiring minds are life long learners, keep asking more questions, keep expanding knowledge. 

OB teacher | New blog by Rita Shertick

To apply OB theory, in the sim lab I create a delivery room and talk the students through each role. One student is the nurse midwife, one the circulating/delivery room nurse, another the nursery nurs...

Develop where you are | New discussion by Rita Shertick

Best choice seems stay where you are known, and find mentors in your company

Know your bosses strengths and stretches | New blog by Rita Shertick

It is always a good practice to be aware of how to best approach a supervisor.

Good ethics at work | New blog by Rita Shertick

The manager sets the tone for the dept. A manager with a strong work ethic shows by example how the employees are expected to also act.

What are some ways to develop effective communication in the classroom? | New comment by Rita Shertick

I like Paul's comment, the different perspectives to approach the assignment.

Disarming the bomb | New comment by Rita Shertick

I have said "WE have gotten off track here. This is a good topic for another time, but we need to focus." Also with one student hassling another, "What you are saying is not appropriate.  "we...

reality | New comment by Rita Shertick

Harvard did a study, the 4.0 grads only became middle managers. The ones who have excellent soft skills become the multi-millionaires. They know how to apply what they learned, and who to interact ...