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Common Instructor Mistakes | Origin: ED104 | New comment by John Monsam

Slow down...that would help me the most.  I want to give students so much information, I have found that sometimes more is just too much. 

Managing Student Behavior | Origin: ED104 | New comment by John Monsam

it is imperative to, when all else fails...remain calm.  Listen and diffuse the situation.  I may have, on occasion, let emotion get the better. of me 

Dealing with Challenging Students | Origin: ED104 | New comment by John Monsam

 I think the approach of speaking to a student after class is a good idea, although not always possible.  If this situation arises, I try to speak to a student to gauge a...

Setting the Stage for Success | Origin: ED104 | New comment by John Monsam

It has been many years since my college days but it brought back a smile when I reae that most students want to know, What's in it for Me? I remember asking myself the same questions of my professors...

Crisis Management | Origin: ED401 | New comment by John Monsam

Fortunately this training deals with not only the students and their issues, but also the crises that this instructor feels at times.  Everyone has a unique set of issues.  I will work on...

motivation | New blog by John Monsam

I strive to be the best instructor I can be.  That means motivating the hardest to reach.  Thanks for the info.