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Preparing for Customer Service Success | Origin: RT105

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Raising the Bar to 'First-Class' Customer Service --> Preparing for Customer Service Success

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Interaction inside and out of your business is good to keep up with. There are potential customers anytime you talk to someone. It could be a potenntial student or employer for those students which is what we need. 

Ask for feedback from your customers to provide better service. Share results with your employees so everyone can work on improving. 

When customers have a bad experience they tell about 20 people when they have a good experience they tell about 10. We have an opportunity with every interaction to provide first class customer service. The university name counts on it. 

When responding to your internal customers, always imagine the external customer(s) who can be affected by the service you provide internally.


Make a point to always have great internal customer service to make your business survive greatly.

Internal customer service affects external customer service.

When applying customer service it's so important to learn from past mistakes.

Be familiar with all your departments to make sure you are aware of what they are offering customers and their approach.

It's important to be a team when it comes to customer service and completing a shared goal. If a prospective student hears complaining between co-workers, that can damage how they perceive the business. 

By being familiar with everyone in your business and through effective department to department communication, you can better assist your students with making sure their needs are met and questions are answered. Having good communication inside your department and with the other departments, you are more knowlegeable and are able to provide better customer service to your students. By doing this, you are able to point them in the right direction and help them obtain answers faster.  

Different ways to make employees to go above and beyond. Training,incentives,etc.  Good Customer Service always.


It is also good to treat your employees with the same positive attitude that you would a customer, because that creates a good workplace environment. 


The statement feedback is a golden opportunity for improvement is accurate. The feedback one receives helps to inform future activities and initiatives.


It is important to give incentives to employees in order to show them that improving their customer service skills has benefits. It is also vital to have good communication between the different departments within an organization or college. 


I learned that customer service is not always a given skill. Most need training to deliver proper service. What is expected of employees needs to be outlined clearly and intances of excellent implementation should be rewarded as encouragement. 


Providing continuous customer service training for your staff is important. Making sure they are appreciated is important to staff so that their positive energy is felt through their interactions with students.  Admins should set an example.  

We all share one goal - students and wishing for their success. So we must work together to help each other. We must develop a positive foundation inside to give out good energy outside. 

Rewarding those who work hard and make them feel appreciated will produce good results. 


Customer service doesn't just take place at the place of business, but anywhere.


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