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Model, Mentor and Monitor the Right Kind of Traits | Origin: RT104

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Best Practices to Enhance Student Retention --> Model, Mentor and Monitor the Right Kind of Traits

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

It is important that you get to know the students so that you can monitor mentor and support the student/

That it is important to pay attention to my blind spots. I could miss something a student is going through.

HABES affects everything we do and touch and affects what we are doing in the school. We need to recognize the attitudes, habits, and students' expectations in order to help them.

The role of model, mentor and monitor does not stop at the door or when we log off. The role of instructor incorporates that mind set throughout your community. Instructor who are mor community mindful tend to be better role models and mentors for their students.


I hate acronyms or cute phrases. Students don't fall for it. You need to shock them into wanting to learn. Statistics, cold hard fact. Tell them to pull no punches and take no prisoners. You need to be the best version of yourself and hope it is enough. Too many students do not try hard enough and blame everyone else. At night we get tired students burnt out from their day. We are not their cheeleaders or friends. We need to keep the perspective. All focus is on education. I have not time to get caught up in drama. Close it down quick and drive them to the end. They will thank you when they have a job because of you taught them I got 20 people jobs personally. That is what drives me.



Acronyms help people retain the main point of the objective.

Sometimes we (staff) get caught up with the pressures placed upon us that we tend to forget students are our clients paying for a service. Good customer service starts from the way the phone is answered to how we make them feel when they sign the dotted line. We at first are excited and then amnesia sets in, and we forget customer service skills. That is something the whole campus community should never forget. Treat the students as we would like to be treated.

Your focus should always be on the student! Students who feel a part of the class and feel that their instructor is helping them reach their goals are more likely to finish class. By not engaging students, you run the risk of having an empty class. 

I realize it is essential for me to motivate , encourage and nurture my students. A instructor must follow up on their students to hold them accountable.

I love this & this is what I am always trying to do.  We cannot forget that we were once in their shoes.  

As an LRC Coordinator it is essential to be able to motivate, and encourage the students to always do their very best and to be here to support them as well as the instructors.

Getting to know your students is important, practice what you preach at all times, if class is to begin at 8 you should be there before to greet the studnt, let them know that they are important and not just a number, repeating as much as needed, yes we still have to treat them as adults that made a decision for their future but we also have to keep encoiuraging them to reach that goal.

It is important to get to know your student and to make them ccountable for there actions.

Know each student strengths and weaknesses


I've learned from this module that my positive attitude can influence a student's success. If I mentor them and monitor their progress they have a better chance of succeeding. I will make sure that my students know that I am invested in their developement and want to do what I can to help them succeed. 


I always walk through the hall at school with a smile because I believe it makes me more approachable to the students. I will talk to students who are not in my immediated class because it creates community among all of us.


Engaging with each student is important. Some require a phone call while others prefer face to face interaction with the instructor.

As educators, we are always the mentor for our students and we do daily monitor their progress through quizzes and exams, alone with one on one tutoring.


It is important to help students to see themselves as unique individuals. Motivate them by modeling heart intelligence. Show them that you as the educator cares about their possibilities as well as their successes.

Communicate more effectively  and listen attentively.

Giving students attention and treatign them as valuable individuals can have positive impacts on engagement and retention. We should role model behaviors that we want to see our students develop themselves, including treating people in a caring and individualized manner. If our students can observe us practicing these skills with them, they can utilize the same skills in their future practice. 

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