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to monitor my own feelings and communications because they effect the students greatly 

Overall in academics it is vitally important to personally know your students and identify issues as the arise. If a student is absent from class, it takes the academic team to recognize their absence and reaching out to let the student know they have support for their academic success. Once a students know that someone cares if they are present, they will feel that they belong and will try their best to succeed which will overall increase retention.  

Treating students the way you would want to be treated shows them respect. Students learn by example, if we carry ourselves 

with confidence I believe the students will begin to do the same 

I will send an email to all veteran students that will remind them to see themselves achieving their goals.   I will meet with each student once per month to keep tabs on them and urge them toward their goals.  

Model = BE the example

Mentor = contact, listen and follow up

Monitor = Check in and hold accountable

Do all of these with care and sincerity.



I have noticed a difference with my students just by visiting with them everyday before class

I often try to interact with as many students as I can to ask about their day. The small gesture goes a long way.

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