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As leaders it is our responsibility to set the standard and culture of the educational environment.  We must first "MODEL" the very behavior and standards that we wish to create.  Then we must "MENTOR" our students to help them achieve the standards that have been set. Recognition and awards is a great way to encourage students and to show that their success matters.  "MONITORING" the students with a form of consistent expectations will hold each student accountible and taking ownership of their own success.

I think it makes a lot of sense that students care more about their education when they feel cared about. 

Watching over students and ensuring that they are doing well is important. We should check in on them when they're absent, and if they appear to be struggling, seek assistance from other departments within the school to support and encourage the student. The objective is to help students succeed by providing both physical and emotional support, and it's a responsibility that every school staff member should share.

If you are only monitoring and mentoring, you are missing what’s most important…monitoring. This is where self efficacy lies. If we fall short here, we lose students.

It is important to hold yourself to the same standards that you are holding your students to. If you are not modeling success then students will have no role models to learn from. 

It says "If we are modeling, mentoring and monitoring for our students everyday, then we are coaching them toward success."

Need to push myself like I push my students. 

As educators, it is important to get to know students and let them know we aren't just showing up to give information, but encourage, be vested, and motivate our students

It's important to show the student that you understand them and that you are there to help them.

Students love attention. Attention is awareness.

The key as an instructor is to be mindful of how you are teaching 

Getting to know them helps to understand their priorities and you are able to assist and mentor them through their educational journey. 

It is essential to learn each and every student as an individual, along with their learning skills. Not everyone will learn or grasp information the same way. So, instructors must remain versatile in their classroom.

In my past experiences as a coach, these values ring true and need to fit these strategies in a case by case approach.  Each student will need their own set of requirements to be able to speak and communicate with you.  Some you may clash with, some you have an instant connection that will allow them to succeed in the goals they are striving for.  This is great reinforcement for things that I have forgotten in the past.

Be aware of every single student. Let them know you are holding space for them.

It is essential to be a positive example/role model for students. We need to model and teach a growth mindset to our students for they to develop self-efficacy. We also need to recognize students as individuals and foster that individuality/POV to help them grow. 

By encouraging positive self-talk, we can help students to manifest their goals. In addition, to this we also get to explore our ability to demonstrate servant leadership skills as well. Our actions are methods for demonstrating techniques students can utilize in in their day to day lives. Moreover, we get to use our mentorship abilities by reaching each student so they can teach another. Through this process we create a wonderful strategic plan in which monitoring coaches them towards success. 

I see the value in seeking out students and paying attention to them in a genuine way. This can help drive them to succeed.

Monitoring and being mindful of how students learn can help with retention.  Modeling the professional behaviors we want to see in our students is paramount.

Very true that attention=retention! 

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