Staying Up-to-Date and Compliant | Origin: CM201

Its important to uderstand the goals of your prospective student. Important information about transfer of credits and Licensing will play a huge part in the decisions of the applicant. 

I must remember to update policies on a regular basis.


A list of recommended resources and list of items to add to your admissions resource journal.


This module has taught me the importance of becoming familiar with program knowledge and obtaining as muhc information about each department to feel confident in what I am offering prospective students. Keeping up to date with the institutions regulations and procedures are also vital for compliance and the integrity of our institute. 


Staying up to date and always being ethical on all levels in all categories while enrolling a student. 

It's important to keep up to date information on all because we want to always make sure we are giving potential students the most updated and current information. The FL CIE website is always a good reference tool to utilize. 

It's important to keep all information for students and programs updated. Refering to the CIE website will ensure you always have the most current information. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, has detailed information about every occupation. This includes, but is not limited to, salary ranges, salaries by location, job outlook/job growth, and educational influence on those jobs. It is a very helpful resource and we encourage our students to review this information.

Staying up to date is critical. 

Setting a date in your calendar to update your resource notebook is key to compliance.


In this module I have learned the importance of staying up-to-date on all information and how a resource notebook will help to facilitate that objective. It has encouraged me to print out all the needed information so I am able to take the right step in being a succesful Admissions Rep. 


Checklist are very important to our job every day. It is import to have our resource notebooks update with the most current information.

In this case, the person who manages the admissions in any institution must make permanent use of the information tools, in addition to seeking permanent training, to keep updated on regulatory policies of the department of education and on institutional policies, also must be informed about the demand of the industry concerning the programs offered by the institution, a book should be kept where the information of the legal, academic institution, and personnel in charge is recorded, in addition to having clear the established policies of the institution on the management of the credits and the transfer of the same if it is the case, to be able to transmit a clear student information.

What I learn from the module the importance of keeping a checklist. As well as having a clear and consistent understanding of the admissions requirements and policies, before meeting with prospective students. This module is helping me better my skills to provide an effective service in the future to the students. Also should familiarize yourself with the documents you send out to your applicants/students, in case they have any questions about how to fill them out. You can assist them with the process.

I have learned how important it is to stay up to date with all of the changing information from all regulatory bodies.

I learned , that the more you know about the institution the more confident you will feel when is time to provide the information to the public.  Also it is important to maintain active attending to meetings and ongoing training that helps an admission representative sound informed.


I learned that I should update rules, regulations, documents, etc. on a regular basis. I also learned that it's very important to know the transfer of credits policies at my institution.


It is important to have the information saved and keep up to date.


I learned about the transfers of credits.

That is is important to stay up to date with all information.