Staying Up-to-Date and Compliant | Origin: CM201

Staying upto date is very effective as well as a good marketing technique. as well as the policies and credit transferes/ accredidation and licensing 


It is important to stay up to date and know where to locate important information


I have learned that students have the right to know about the institution transfer credit process.

Learning about transfer of credits protocols was extremely helpful, that was an area I was less knowledgable in.

Updating information CIE is the best method to improve knowledge and competencies to provide an effective service to all students. 

Checklists are the most important way to update information in an institution. They help in compliance with rules and regulations. 

Be sure to check CIE site to update all information for decision -making.

I learned about different resources and links that I can utilize in order to keep my information up to date and within compliance.

I agree that a clear and complete disclosure about credit transfer is important to provide to every prospective student.  I worked for a career college that had very few credit transfer options because a majority of the courses in these programs were proprietary courses.


I have learned that keeping a checklist of certains rules that are being updated is very helpful and will be let things run smoother for yourself.

I learned about everybody's different roles an the transfer of credits

The CIE website provides fantastic information regarding best practices. i stay current by frequenting the CIE site. 


I learned that the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges (FAPSC) holds periodic training sessions. I'll also be able to watch for sales and admissions programs that are offered. There are also many individuals and organizations that specialize in Admissions training.


The importance of the Policies regarding transfers.


A resource book is ideal and understand CIE rules is vital....


This module informed me about the difference between Liscenced and Accredited Institutions, the procedure and requirements for transfer credits and the importance of organizational charts. 


I have learned the policies, transfer credits and the accreditation and liscensing difference, all very important aspects of an institution. 

up to date resources are a must as well as familiarity with the catalogue andother documents.

I love the checklists!

From this module, I have learned how important staying up to date with all the changing information, that includes regular meetings to make sure the many departments have the most up to date information also.