Understanding Your Institution | Origin: CM201

Very importance to know th school which you work for


In this section I understood the importance of the preparation of each admissions representative, how we need to learn every aspect of the programs being offered. On the other hand, it explains the different ways of advertising and marketing strategies used for the institution and the guidelines the institution should follow. 


I understad my responsibility to know all of the program offeringsand student services available at my campus

I have learned from this module the appropriate methods of advertising for your institution. 


Its important to know where to direct students to receive help at our campus. I will get to know all of our resources at the campus. 

I understad that it is my responsibility to know all of the programs offered at my campus.

There is a variety of information that needs to be delivered to students during orientation and Institutions attract students using a variety of different methods such as TV, radio, flyers, lead generation companies. 


The success of prospective students is in our hands, and the option to provide an excellent education and a peace of mind when it comes to career expectations is our duty. By advertising properly we can help plenty of students achieve their goals. 


In this module I learned the importantance of student services. It's important for students to have a full team of support and for them to understand who else is availabe to support them throughout their education. Marketing and advertising are important parts of getting our name out to students, but advertising should always adhere to compliance regulations. 

The importance of orientiation and making sure the students know all the resources they can utilize while going through the program unitl they graduate 

I completely agree with attempting to experience aspects of your institution's program first hand. Sitting in on a class, visiting your clinical sites, talking with the professors - all these things help you, as a representative of the institution, to provide beneficial personal insight to share your experience with prospective students.


Print Ads cannot be in help wanted section.

adding information about alumni and highlighting my institutions services can help prospects make a decision


I have learn that it is super important for me to understand each of the programs at my school. I am planning on reaching out to the Directors to see if maybe I can get some more information about each program. I think it would be also beneficial for me, if I was able to sit in on a class or 2. 


I learned how important is to introduce the prospective students to all departments that are going to be part of his or her success. 

From this module I learn the impotance to have all the advertising from the school.


I learn from this module on how marketing companies can benefit the school. Also, I learn the importance of knowing your demographic.

This module reminded me how important it is to connect with the other departments in the institution to better assist the prospective student. It’s essential to take the time to learn about all the institution offers and how it is being marketed.

I was able to get clarification on all marketing and advertizing methods available to be utilize on the admission process.  Also is clear to understand how important is to establish a great relationship with other leaders of the institution to have a better undertanding of all the tools that are available for each program.