Understanding Your Institution | Origin: CM201

The various ways a school can utilize their marketing. Also the importance of introducing new students to the career service and education directors. 

there is student support from admissions process to post graduation

I learn how to attract prospective students. How marketing works, and the imp[ortance that and an admission you have to understand the program.  


From this module I learn the impotance to have all the advertising from the school.


I learn a good source of information on marketing intitution to recruit students.

this section was very infomrative I learned about the various ways of marketing, as well as what Student Services intails 


Advertising varies at each institution, but it is important to be aware of what your institution is using each month. 


I have learned that advertising methods are not required but useful in recruting new students.

I did not know about the various marketing strategies, so that was a good thing to read about

It is a best practice for Admissions personnell to understand the organization to better serve prospective students. 


 I have learned about different marketing methods that can be used for my institution to recrute students. I have also learnt how to improve my knowledge about specific taks and respnsibilities. In addition, way to structure an institution is very important because it can lead to positive outcomes.  

Learned about various ways you can attract potential students through advertising and marketing. 

Be familirzed with the institution's methods of advertising and know how to intoduce students to the program.

Working in collaboration with my staff helps me to understand my responsibilities toward them specifically, when it comes to satisfy my student services and marketing. 

I remember having an adviser when in college 30 years ago, but I didn't utilize that person as much as I should have while in school.  An effective Student Support strategy is crucial to a student's success.

I have learned that an institution is not required to have a formal type of marketing but it does not to have a marketing that follows Fair Consumers Practices guidlines. 


I learned that student services plays a big role in the process. 

Also I learned there are many ways to marketing

Sitting in classes is a fantastic way to really understand the "student experience". This helps me to convey proper information to prospective students. 


It is best to become an expert about the programs that are being offered by the institution that you are working for in order to best serve prospective students.


I learned about the importance of gathering information about the institution's programs, as well as talking with instructors and people from each education department to get more insight. As a best practice, using the sample chart provided, one can list the programs by the level, program title, clock and credit hours, and delivery method.