Admissions Staff Training Program | Origin: CM201

I am currently starting my first role within the Admissions field. I am learning that there are more rules and statutes that I was initially aware of. It shows that the process really protects the students from being taken advantage of and keep schools on a standardized path. 

Staying up-to-date on training is essential 

I have learned more about being in compliance. How to build a very resourceful noteboof for the Institution I work for. How Florida Statutes work in compliance to being in Admissions. What are the terms, rules and regulations. I have also learned about substatntive changes requirements. About how everything needs to be in compliance with Florida Statutes, codes and regulations.

I learned the difference betwee regulations and rules and on and off campus admissions folks.


To study and understand the regulations of the department of education Have knowledge of the programs, regulations, and policies of the institution, to make them known and facilitate their compliance to students.

I learned all the requirements, rights and duties that must be widely known to the student and therefore it is an obligation of the admission staff to have full command of their functions and knowledge of legal and institutional issues to make them known to the student.

I've learned about oranization of all of the documents and information that needs to go in the note book.

I've been doing the training for 4 years and each year I learned new things to improve my team!


I uderstand the key terms pertinent to the Admissions process and standards and and rules pertinent to Post Secondary Schools.


I have learned the importance of staying up to date with the state and institutional polices/procedures and how they apply to my role in Admissions.

The modules are very informative and will be a great review to ensure compliance.

I learned that there are rules / regulations set in place for the admission process.  Also the importance of utilizing a resourc enotebook to provide the correct information to potential students.


I have  learned about the correct terms , set of rules and where to find them , also how important is to keep all this information in a easy way to find it . 

This is my first position as an admissions representative. I've learned about the Florida statutes, key terms to know, my role, and how to put together a reference notebook. I intend to on applying what I've learned by creating a reference folder for myself and also communicating with coworkers and staff about procedures. I believe this will help me become more comfortable with the position and also give me insight on how I can improve for the future.


An admission officer is responsible for connecting with students in one particular region of the U.S. or the world. We not only need to connect but we also need to build a relationship with with them.

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I believe this course has been a magnifican help because it has helped me understand regulations and understand policies.

Good Morning,


I am learning about the process of an admissions representative. This position requires in depth of your institution, process and being up to date with compliances. I have also learned about the terms and definitions of such. The lessons are very informative and taking notes is very crucial.


Great course


I have learned the terms and regulations explained in this module. I learned that it is important to have the rules saved or printed and maintain the notebook organized with all the necessary information.

I really learned about the terms and regulations in this module which will help me better understand the WHY behind things.