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Understanding Title IX, VAWA, and the Clery Act

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I learned that Title IX, The Clery Act and Violence Against Women Act, are all acts to prevent an individual being excluded from higher education based on gender, The Clery Act requires institutions of higher education to collect and record data on crime. –Was enacted into law in 1972 by the federal government. No person, on the basis of sex, should be excluded from participation in, any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.

The CleryAct – was enacted in 1990 to require all schools receiving federal monies to collect and publish information about crimes occurring on campus. The Clery Act applies only to institutions of higher education.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) – Enacted in 1994 to raise awareness of domestic violence and assault crimes against women. •VAWA applies to everyone in America.

Having greater awareness of the above, I can support any individual who feels they have been victim of a crime or discriminated against. Knowledge is power and knowing the resources that are available means we can bring greater awareness to the broader educational community.

This teaching brought a broader awareness to me on those being victimized by either: sex exclusion, campus crimes, domestic violence and assault crimes. 

I gained a deeper understanding of the requirements under Title IX, The Clery Act and Violence Against Women Act.

This training has strengthened and reinforced the current policies and procedures we already have in place.  The parameters  of clery as to when and where a situation occurs and when it may have been brought to campus or occurred within the defined campus area was especially redefined for me.  VAWA and Title IX is not to be taken lightly and the information provided has solidified the importance of our role as a Title IX coordinator and the rights of each student must be handled with care for all parties.that may be involved.

Gaining a more detailed understanding of Title IX and the Clery Act totally reinforced the reason we have so many policies in place.  

There have been quite a few changes since the last time I took similar training, and it was surprising to see how many protections were lost recently. 

I have better and deeper understanding of the clery act and title ix.

I gained a better understanding of the differences and similarities of the VAWA and Title IX policies, what falls within the Clery Act, as well as what the steps are for inverstigting a formal complaint, what steps consistute informal measures, and what the appropriate response is to the complaintant.