Bobbet Mullings

Bobbet Mullings

About me

My name is Bobbet Mullings , I am the Administrator for an Allied Health school in  Palm Beach County. Since I have been employed at this instution I have gain a vast amount of expereince that have assisted me over the years.

The online course I did was informative. I have gained extensive knowledge and procedure as it pertains to maintaining good developmental skills, marketing plans and what to do and what not to do in an enrollment process. The training was great.

I would like to take the opportunity of thanking the Director of the institution to which I am associated with of giving me the opportunity to obtain this knowledge.


What is the Road Map to leadership


The financial officer recommends to the CEO about Compliance Team


Campus Security plays a vital role in student receiving FSA funding.


remedial students do not qualify for financial aid funds


Misrepresentation is crucial in the financial aid process


Take you new faculty to lunch and pick up the tab on his or herfirstday.


Thdre are many do's and dont when hiring an individual 


Be polite with applicants at all times it is hard to repair a disgruntled applicant.


It is extremely important to compensate your faculty it helps with retention.

Special puroose awards can take many forms

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