Angela Frimpong

Angela Frimpong

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In this course, I learned about new Title XI requirements, including the fact that now an incident needs to have happed in the school, and and it neeeds to meet the standards of sexual harassment to be cosidered a Title XI breach or sexual harassment case. In addition I learned that it is required that schools display their Title IX coordinator contact information. 


I will apply this knoledge by seeking out the contact information (ie the email address) ot the Titiel XI cordiator on campus so I can report incidences of sexual assault diretly to them. 


This session helped me to understand how educational insitutions engage with Immigration officials when it comes to student records.

In this lesson, I learned that "records received or created after a student is no longer in attendance and that are not directly related to such attendance as a student are not protected under FERPA." This was particularly insightful because I was not sure how academic records for former students are dealt with.


I learned that the educational institution requires consent from the student to share their personal information if the rationae for the educational interest of the official asking is not evident. 


I have learned that an educational institution has 45 days to review and respond to a student's request to educational records.


This course was insghtful, I have learned how to use the STAR method for my goal setting.


I have learned to take charge of my career.


In this course, I learned how to proiritize my time.


I have learned that to manage stress I must reduce my productivity.


This course was very insightful. I learned that co-workers must undertsand the reason for change before they can whole-heartedly contribute to it.


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