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know the rules of the institution and validate the information/request then comply accordingly.


keeping records confidential is very important for integrity. written consents should be made well understood at enrollment to the school.

because many students entering college at an early age, i like it that parents have a way to keep up with their under age children and their education with the help of the IRS.

confidentiality is so important to all parties especially students and employees. it save face for a great deal of legal paperwork being filed and it sets a standard/balance even for parents to know their limits. 

NO RETALIATION!!!. everyone should be free and comfortable to report bad behavior.

offences must be reported at all times regardless of where it occurred. policies must be in forced to create a better and safer society.

many bad thing can and do happen on campuses. any type of sexual harassment, sexual crimes should all be reported and encouraged to report it. no retribution should be given for reporting such conduct either. The presence of and training title IV coordinators should be of most importance to help our staff and students.

i am so glad that Title IX exists. keeping students and employees safe is so important because as noted, a lot of terrible things can happen on campuses. i believe in fairness and giving people of all genders and race an opportunity to learn, grow into their highest potential to help shape and change our society in a greater way.


students need for teachers to show empathy because they are all coming from all types of backgrounds. they need strong support from faculty because we may be their only source of support. 

As a teacher we cannot burden ourselves with trying to be perfect. We are human and have to be as authentic as we possibly can. We as teachers have to be ourselves. When dealing with strong or difficult students, we have to engage them with challenging things to keep them focused and engaged. 

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