Keith  Gunter

Keith Gunter

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This gave very good detail and clear cut policy on Title IX. 

Provided a lot of self awareness concepts. 

This was an engaging module because of the alternatives to working with cheating students and prevention.  

I think it's important to utilize creativity during lecture to incorporate all students. 

Set clear cut expectations and structure for learning.  Encourage students to move to a higher level of education with support. 

Empathy and respect are key pillars for teaching. 

Having a variety of tools to help focus students and differentiate their learning styles.  This section was great. 

It's important to incorporate all teaching methods in order to ensure that your students are getting the best delivery. 

It's important to structure demonstration and have it rehearsed for accuracy prior to presenting. 

It's important to learn about your students, their learning styles, and backgrounds. 

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