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Hello! I am new to nursing faculty and very excited to start my new role. 


Comment on Harold Ortiz's post: I agree; it applies to national origin and religion as well. I firmly support all instructors being held accountable for any hate speech and harassment in this area. I am glad the Clery act protects against this!

I enjoyed learning about how religion and national origin are also included in the Clery Act. I know many institutions are already facing and will be facing MANY more lawsuits for their failure to prevent hate crimes and harassment in recent months. Maybe they will learn something. 

The best instructors really care about helping students learn and equipping them for success. They are passionate about their career field and what they teach; and they believe in and demonstrate excellence and integrity. 

Some of these examples do not really apply to the way that I will be giving instruction. 

I am glad they course discussed not teaching your students like high school students. 

I obtained my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing at the age of 29/30 and it as was really frusturating to be talked down to so much by some of my nursing professors. Not all of them but a few of them would lecture us on things like "not partying" the night before clinical and it just felt very condescending in rude. A lot of what I feel that I learn from is what NOT to do!

I will ensure to vary the delivery of learning. Students have different learning styles.

I think I will do an ice breaker

Comment on Catherine McDonald's post: I agree. I also think years of experience in the nursing profession is a great preparation for teaching as well. 

Lead by example in the classroom 

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