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Talking with other AO's and sharing best practices always is a benefit to an AO.  Experience in the field is always a bonus, but sometimes shedding new light on familiar situations leads to better productivity and creative ways in working through challenges with students. 

Using the 5 principles of collaboration will help our department to accomplish even more each time with meet.

I've learned in this lesson that pushing your collaborative group too hard could lead to isolating members. Everyone should be working together by choice and not because they're forced to do it.

Maintaining the value and self esteem of different departments is critical when collaborating. Collaboration Point # 1 is essential because affirming and valuing each department is the most efficient way to get buy in and effort. 


focusing on the situation or behavior is key and establishing common goals and expectations is best


Everyone has a shared respondsibility, resources and credit.

Teamwork and being Open minded is the key to Collaboration

I strongly belive that working together is great bcause we should be able to achieve the goals for the company we are working for. Having an open communication and beeing honest and not afraid to make a mistake is great.

Collaborating is important to achieve the overall goals for your team or department and everyone has a shared responsibility. Focusing on a situation instead of the any one person is key to resolving any issues and creating a vision for yourself and team. Allowing everyone to contribute willingly empowers them to reach out further with new ideas.

Applying the collaborative principles to our department will be very beneficial.

Collaboration is a shared responsibility that must be established and maintained by all parties involved. 


Collaboration allows a department to constantly improve. It allows us to keep an open mindset, improve self-esteem/confidence, handle conflict and become better leaders.

Collaboration is a teamwork approach to solve issues in the workplace but also create and reach goals


In collaboration it is important to focus on the behaviour and not the person.


Collaboration improves relationship within the organization and it helps to achive the goal effeciently. 

i believe that a shared vision and devided effort creates a stronger, efficent, and effective outcome. 

Very informative , knowing that each step of collaboration how works and make you success as a team memebr, focus on behaviour,look always to overal goal and make your team positive 

Great information. Its important to know the importance of shared accountibilty, equality, what is shared responsility, and shared resources.

The 5  collaborative principles are a strong key in the workplace.