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Understanding the worth and viewpoint of every generation is crucial. It's critical to comprehend how people process information and react. It might be difficult to learn new methods to interact with each other, but the key is to adapt to what works best for them. 

It is very important to set the tone for the caller. Listening is an important key to building report.

Having a good voicemail outline can improve the way the message is received.

Don't assume with prospective students. Call 10-15min after the appointment time to see if you can assist. Resell the appointment and book a new time for them to come in.

Prepare for calls. Log, track, and record calls to identify where I can improve

Provided prospective on the inbound call process and how to manage areas where we maybe falling short.

Reframing can help others overcome limiting beliefs.

How listening helps to connect. Some ways I limit my own listening. The 3 levels of listening and a deeper understanding of active listening. 

Listen effectively and respond appropriately. Using empathy when communicating with others can help guide them without taking on their emotions. Learn to read body language and find the common ground.

Try to remove background noise, to increase clarity 

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