Kent Hern

Kent Hern

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Everyone must play a part with retention and letting others know what is going on with a student is vital.

value must always exceed cost and finding out a students motivation provides a Rep with the tool they need to help create value.

attitude affects your Energy and if you are feeling High Energy you will get things doine.

you have to be able to accept feedback to successfully stay employed for a long time period.

your personal energy can not only affect your performance but others as well.

Since having a positive attitude is 50% of is whats needed to be successful, you must find ways to keep it up so it affects your sales skills, Product knowledge, and people skills in a positive light as well.

Communication is the key to a successful encounter with a student

Communication is the key to a successful enconter with a student and builds trust and rapport.

When Communicating with a prospective student listening, Finding out what their needs are, and proper body language are keys to success.

it taught me some things on how to put the students needs first.

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