Evelyn Zelada

Evelyn Zelada

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Staying in touch with our alumni and employers will definietlt help you in the long run. They are your best asset for recomendations and for feedback about the school and profession.

I learned that it's never too early to start your resume. If you start at the beginning you will continue to add your experience throughout your schooling.

I learned that it's important to know what programs need an internship or externship 

I learned that it is very important to communicate with all integral department when setting up your department. Belonging to associations will be very beneficial in the long run.

I learne that in order to raise your attitude levels, you must have a positive personal energy.

I learned that it's very important to keep high energy 

Your enerygy effects those around you. 

Attitude is such an important role in our job. I really enjoyed reading the four elements: product knowledge, sales skills, people skills, and attitude.

This was a great lesson. I love the idea of developing a lesson plan, event, or activityto help students during an after the interviewing process. 

It was very interesting in reading about the employers perspective of ROI.

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