Lindsey Peacher

Lindsey Peacher

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The 5 Keys to Success will be helpful to review with students as they prepare to enter the workforce. 


I'm happy to see that we ask the majority of these questions during the mock interviews we conduct with students. I learned some new questions to ask the interviewer that I will share with my students. 


This section provided a lot of useful reminders of how to help students create professional resumes and cover letters to help them get an interview. Providing the "why" behind each section of the resume and cover letter will be helpful when working with students on creating these documents.


It's important to help students navigate several different avenues of finding a job, as well as stress the importance of creating and maintaining their professional networks. 


Everyone has a different role on the team, and each person has the ability to bring positive contributions. 


Collaboration is a shared responsibility that must be established and maintained by all parties involved. 


It is beneficial to understand each person's communication style and preferences to create lasting connections with students.  


Understanding the differences between the generations will allow you to establish trust and stronger professional relationships with students and colleagues.  


It's so important to give our students and graduates opportunities for professional development through events, workshops, etc. In order to best assist them, we as CSS have to continue and stay up to date in our own training and education in the field. 


It's important to address the indiviual needs and barriers of each student to effectively assist them in their employment journey. 


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