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Through the Belbin model, I learned that each member of a team plays a role. It's also important to assess your time prior to the start of a project to identify any missing areas that can be of concern. 

Looking for improvement opportunities and taking initiative to make things better are two crucial things I learned in the process of collaboration. I hope to use this by taking initiative when I see an issue arise that I see an opportunity for improvement. 

It's important to consider others' preference of communication over your own.  

This module provided insight on the range of people you will encounter at work and how to use that information to communicate with each person with a different lens. I intend to use this information as I work with both students and coworkers from different generations that share different values.  

Thinking on it, I prepare tips for Relationship Building in the Admissions Process, which can be helpful:

Create a personal connection: In order to build a strong relationship with the prospective student or their parents, schools need to create a personal connection with them. Through personalized and engaging interactions, schools can make the student and/or their parents feel valued, which can lead to a more positive perception of the school.
Respond to inquiries in a timely manner: It's important for schools to respond to inquiries from prospective students and their parents in a timely manner. The admissions process can be… >>>

First of all, I have a action plan to be prepared and have a positive attitude everyday at work.  I will aim to apply all knowledge with Integrity to represent the institution.  I also will give accurate information to prospective student's and colleagues. I will display a work ethic which will enable me to meet and exceed metrics and KPI performance targets.

Attitude can make or break your success and interactions with your colleagues. 

I have figured out the different ways that each generation likes to communicate so that I can implement it when speaking with potential students. 

It is very interesting how each generation goes in with different approaches which kind of shows that there are numerous ways of approaching one situation. So figuring out which approach to take with each generation is a task I want to work on.

What are some practical ways you "transfer" your positive attitude to your current and prospective students? I work in an online environment and I am always looking for ways to express a positive attitude. 

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on this.

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