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More thorough voicemails are more likely to get a response. Clarity and likeability are the best ways to encourage a student to call back and set an appointment. 

I learned that persistency is a big part of overcoming objections. Describe the feeling, normalize and neutralize is the biggest take away I got from this video. Empathy has a lot to do with closing the apppointment.

See the end before you begin. Having clear goals and understanding of what the student could be potentially interested in is the most important takeaway I got from Outbound calls. Being persistent without aggressive salesmanship is something I hope to master moving forward.

Positive tone and supporting questions go a long way. Knowing the best approaches to get someone to set an appt are key to success in Inbound calls. 

Comfortability with any potential objections is key. Especially figuring out what other people may be involved in the decision making process.

In this module I learned that there are always ways to improve our methods in approaching qualified leads and it is just as important to know information about our competitors. 

Appropriate humor in voicemails can be effective.

Feel, Felt, Found develops the ultimate rapport.

Listening skills are CRITICAL for outbound initial calls.

I use this Study Prep Worksheet visual aid to help prospective students plan out their entrance exams. I give them a few different ones, but this one is my go-to. 

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