In an increasingly competitive and highly regulated environment, admissions personnel must achieve the highest standard of performance to succeed. They must foster an environment of trust and maintain a customer-first attitude. This group is for admissions personnel who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape. Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 


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Mastering Outbound Calls | Origin: AD106 | New comment by Tanisha Bent

Be prepared. Practice. Smile when on the phone. Ask questions and allow the student to speak. Also, be dedicated to making all alls plus one.  

Inbound Call Excellence | Origin: AD106 | New comment by Tanisha Bent

It is important to have the right number of persons to answer calls whether at fron desk or in admissions. Building rapport, gathering information and giving information are vital to providing...

Creative Follow-Up for Better Results | Origin: AD114 | New comment by Tanisha Bent

Follow-up is necessary and both student and admissions have a role bility and responsito play in the process.   

Successfully Handling Challenges and No Shows | Origin: AD114 | New comment by Tanisha Bent

I know I have used money in the past as a cover because I felt uncertain about an institution and its program. in this case, I understand the importance of admissions trying to better understand the...

Mastering Inbound and Outbound Communication | Origin: AD114 | New comment by Tanisha Bent

Communication is a process. It is important to have a plan. Envision the outcome and build towards it. Be sure to follow the steps required in the communication hierarchy.  

Fostering Communication Excellence | Origin: AD114 | New comment by Tanisha Bent

It is important to get the buy-in of the student from the point of awareness throught their research, shopping or browsing, ensuring that we captivate their interest and lead them to make a purchase...

Charting a New Course | Origin: AD108 | New comment by John Heckman

I have learned that we must learn new ways to approach what happened to the conversions.  Why are the conversions not so good and what can you do with the leads that did not convert. ...

Understanding Value | Origin: AD112 | New comment by Leia Vitarelli

I learned that we must continue working on the perception of the school through the eyes and feedback of prospective students.  

The Power of Questions | Origin: AD115 | New comment by Becky Hannah

The purpose of questions are to build rapport, guide dicovering, encourage exploration, and aid in problem solving. Powerful questions have simplicity, purposem, energy, possibility, and...

Principles of Communication | Origin: AD105 | New comment by Becky Hannah

Principles of Communication: 1. Listen effectively 2. Respond appropiately 3. Read body language 4. Ask questions 5. Seek common ground