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I can think of several scenarios where the Question Formulation Technique can be useful.  We really need to be creative and prepared going forward with using technology in the classroom and preparing for at-home learning.  That was a great list of tools provided.  I love using project based learning.  Again, I’ve bookmarked several of the sources to help guide the process.  I need to study more about the simulated workplace and work based learning.    

I know that having a clinical setting for the student to practice real time events in the classroom work every well.  Making sure that the student know how to handle work place scenarios makes it better when they are out in the work place.

Having students take ownership of their learning and work ethic along with providing the critical thinking and creative problem solving skills will help prepare them for those jobs that have not been created yet - that they'll be expected to fill.


In this day and time, due to Covid, technology pays a key role in education.   We can utilize many avenues to enhance the learning process.  


The importance os using tehchnology to create learning experiences, scenarios and enhance problem solving skills.

I appreciated the distinction between projects and project-based learning. Technology is an important classroom tool that we have to get right in order to effectively reach the Gen Z population. They get it, some of us do not.  And I am one of those who have fought tech for years. I guess I need to get into it. 


I think we must embrace technology, it is this generations life line so we must follow though and learn it with them. 

Reply to Mel Henderson's post: I am with you;that distinction is quite helpful. I see how I can adapt some of my projects into a project-based learning experience to help the students take ownership and feel successful.


The idea of project-based learning is exciting.  It has given me better ideas of how to shift the focus of the project from a list of tasks that need to be completed to one where the students generate the tasks based on a real-life problem that they might have to address during their future career. 

Much of this information is very timely for me, especially the project-based learning section. I am currently designing a laboratory course that will use this.

Definitely, getting students take ownership over their learning will help prepare them for their professional career. I'm attempting to implement experiential learning with art students by getting them directly involved with the installation of their graduating exhibition. I will also to teach a new course this Spring called Survival Skills for the Artist that will serve as a base for real world experiences. 

Is any one else getting lost with all the anacronyms? 

I feel project based learning can be very productive. I have started using this in my problem solving class. I have really noticed the enhanced critical thinking that comes with project based learnig. I plan on using this quite often in future lab activities.

I found that some of my current materials incorporate aspects of the simulated work environment, having students role-play in a specific situation. I like the idea of incorporating this type of learning on a larger scale.

I learned the importance of incorporating technology into your teaching. I intend to look more into these different technologies. I am curious what interactive learning software does KCTCS offer? Also, are any of you utilizing any of the technologies mentioned?


As a new Instructor, I learned what and how to incorporate teaching methods that enable advancement in technology. As I prepare to go fully online with some of my classes, I need to think about what is the best technology platforms to use. This module gives me something to think about. 

I have learned there is more teaching methods than I realized. Its inspired me to reasearch more teaching methods and have as many of them incorporated into my lessons as posible. The work place emulation is a fantastic idea.

Adding technology into the classroom is a must in our current world situation. Without adding technology into the classroom, students would be behind on what the industry is doing in the real world. 


I love learning about the PBL. I find that there are so many possibilities with this type of learning for our students. Technology is and has given our students so much more opportunity. 


Technology can help CTE Teachers connect with their students in a unique way. As with any new trend in Education, this one will need to be researched in order to determine its effectiveness and how it may need to be adjusted to meet the changing needs and preferences of our students.