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Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I plan to use the summative and formative assessments in class next year.  Also I would like to incorporate the chart showning the differences between certficates, liscensing and etc. 

I think it is important to understand the different ways of engaging students; especially using social media now during a time of quarantine.  I appreciated the review of the importance of formative assessments, as well as the Table of Specification example for summative assessment.    

Engagement is important, understanding the stackability of the program is important for learning.

I have used summative assessments through scenario based projects. Designing backwards is a good way to stay on track and intentional.

I like the different ways of engaging students. I like to use the who wants to be a millionair game in class. I let them phone a friend or poll the audience on a lab assignment or question i may ask. I am gonna incorporate the formative assements of entry and exit slip. I feel this would be a great way to stay on track with the class onjectives and to monitore everyones knowledge and retainment.

I have used exit polls after class through an electronic system to keep tabs on what students thought about the day. There were some interesting examples here of how I could provide more specific prompts, rather than the very general way I have done this in the past.


The different ideas for assessments and how students progress through them was insightful.

Assessments are key to student learning and instructor performance.  


I liked how it explained the difference between certificates, degrees, etc. I also need to incoroparate summative assessments. 

I'm new to CTE and really appreciated learning the difference between summative and formative assessments. I wish this program had a print screen function. I copied and pasted the list of FAs and plan to inject those into my courses regularly. 


 scenario based projects works better for my program. I can actually see where they struggle or miss a critical step.

After reviewing formative assessments in this section, I have updated my lesson plans to incorporate more assessment ideas into daily instruction.  This will be a valuable tool for gauging my teaching effectiveness and what adjustments I need to make to address topics that the students haven't grasped fully.

It's interesting thinking about both types of assesments in a studio art class because I'm working with students who will either fulfill their peronal art goals, or transfer and branch off towards several types of art careers. A solution to problem solving an art learning objective is subjective, and assesment is partly based upon how creatively they arrived at a solution, and further developed their skills towards their goal.

I realized that some of much of my content has aspects of formative assessment built in as students can enter their confidence levels when answering content questions in certain assignments. I also like the idea of the Test Blueprint.

After going through this module, I can see where a lot of my curriculum already has both assessments. I am working with students that have a goal to sit and pass the national RHIT and/or coding exam. I plan on using some of the examples given to strengthen my assessment of learning. I like to implement more formative assessments but also incorporate some timed tests that is similiar to the exam they will take. My goal is to keep the end in mind-pass the exam!

Karen Sharber

The important components of Competency Tracking-Communication and Collaboration were very important to me because if the communication piece is not there, then, how can there be collaboration. You can collaborate but not very well. I have yet to figure out why we do not like to communicate information clearly & effectively? It just blows my mind because our jobs and life in general would be easier if we just communicated how to do or what to do instead of causing frustration within individuals. 


This has me thinking about assessment along the way with the end goal in mind for each of the courses I teach. I've attempted voluntary assessment in the past with minimal participants and results.

I can't say I ever thought about the end of the class first but i do give quizs to help me gauge the students and how they are doing so a more refined approch of that is something I want to incorporate. I also need a better overall understanding of summative assessment its just not clear to me at this point. In our program we are expecting graduates to take their state licence exam as part an overall assessment.

I've learned that CTE educators need to continously develop formative assessments to monitor student progress and to aid student's and provide enrichment or remideation when needed. Also, I learned that industry credentials should serve as a course map of stackable credentials that lead to a degree and employability.