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Hiring the Right Faculty for Your Institution --> Job Offer and Orientation

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I was glad to see that my organization follows a similar process regarding the job offer and orientation part of this topic. I intend to keeping following the same process.  

A comprehensive orientation is key to faculty success. The orientation should be incremental in nature. It should also include numerous conversations. It helps to clarify any ideas that are incorrect and to answer questions as they arise with the new faculty member. The incremental orientation gives the new faculty member the opportunity to digest the information!

Reply to Regina Bush's post:  Regina,  Have you used a comprehensive orientation for new newly hired faculty?  If so, what is working?  Is is the conversations with them that helps!

First-day orientation and training sessions are an important part of good hiring practices. 

Orientation both formal and in-formal are very important and they must understand the need of the students and the people that a university will hire. 


Orinetation and showing the faculty the school and the equipment is a must!

The orientation process should be organized and consistent. Ideally, having a game-plan that includes the formal training done by the company and informal insightful orientations really help tie the training process together. 

Taking a new hire out to lunch on the first day is a great idea to build a rapport!

Taking a new hire out for lunch is something I believe is very important. I would need to do that more often. 

When hiring new employees, having a good solid orientation and onboarding is crucial and sets the tone for the next couple of weeks months in the new employee's success in their new position and new company. 

A successful onboarding is key to future success.

In person offers are not an option when hiring remote. They should discuss remote employees. 

I really like how this section emphasizes the soft skills that a manager should have with the new hire. At the end of the day we want to hire the right person for the job and the right person is a human being that needs support and wants to be part of something other than just a "cold" organization or structure.

A good orientation and preparation is key for a new instructor to feel confident and ready to enter our classrooms. I have found that shodowing a seasoned instructor may also be helpful as long as the new instrctor introduces herself/himself and is not lurking in the edges but jumping in and helping in whatever activity is going on. 


A good orientation and thorough prepararion is crutial to the success of the instructor and their longevity with the college. I have been to too many colleges that jsut through their faculty ito the classroom after a rushe hairy kari orientation. It was swim or sink. horrible eperience.


The ideas make sense. We have to adapt becasue we are deaing soley with online. All of our admin is online as well as the faculty.


Reply to Abraham Cicchetti's post: It is great to know many are actually employing these suggestions.

Reply to Regina Bush's post:Making sure new hires are properly oriented is so important. I have worked for organizations that did this well, and others who just basically through you to the wolves.

Take you new faculty to lunch and pick up the tab on his or herfirstday.


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