Jeffrey Rutherford

Jeffrey Rutherford

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A little bit more of up front work to convert a F2F  course to be a flipped class has the potential of reaping significantly improved outcomes and reduction in failures. I intend to flipp my entire program this year.

This is an instructional strategy that I have been eager to learn about and try to increase student engagement  and accountability in their education.

A good orientation and thorough prepararion is crutial to the success of the instructor and their longevity with the college. I have been to too many colleges that jsut through their faculty ito the classroom after a rushe hairy kari orientation. It was swim or sink. horrible eperience.


In this modle, The sequenceing of steps (hurdles) made alot of sense to me in effectively managing the selection process. The multiple hurdle method was one of the strategies that I had used, but did not really consider why I chose to use it. Very beneficial.

The habit of saving  rejected candidates information is a must . for example, whaile a candidate may not have the experience to be an RN instrcutor, they may very well have the requisite KSAO's to be an efective VN of MA instructor. 

a Job analysis is critical to selcting the right candidate for the osition. One needs to know the requisite KSAO's for the position prior to interviewing any candidates for the position.


I learned in this module that ist is very important to ensure an organized system to managing communication is very important. 


This was a nice review and reminder of the differences between synchronous and asynchronous chat/discussion. it is the instrcutors responsibility to ensure that the discussions are engaging and relevant and stay on topic.


While therea re differences in synchronus and asynchronous learning the goal ar the same to provide an welcoming, safe and engaging learning enveronment. This requires the instructor to initiate, lead and monitor classroom discussions and engaged those learners that may ntot be necessarily participating in a meaningful way.


Stucture of content and ensuring one is familiar with all aspects relevent to facilitating/managing the coure via CMS is crutial to ensuring content is delived  in a logical and meaningful way as well as in an engaging format.


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