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Faculty Selection | Origin: OP115

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Hiring the Right Faculty for Your Institution --> Faculty Selection

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I appreciated the learning about the multiple-hurdle method. This method is the quickest, least expensive hiring steps early in the hiring process and saving the more time-intensive and costly steps for later. I intend on apply it in the faulty selection process. 

This section provided me with additional things to consider during the selection process. The multiple hurdle method was one of the strategies that I have found beneficial in the past. I also like to rank applicants as well as write qualitative information to use for future positions or if the 'first- choice' applicant refuses the job offer.

At a former employer, we would have instructors conduct a "teach-back demonstration.  Much like the what was cover in this lesson. The candidate would have a presentation for 10-15 minutes and faculty from the campus would be present to rate the teach-back.  It was another layer of the interview process which helped in final decision of candidates.

All the applicants that you are considering should possess the most important, deal-breaker KSAOs that are needed for the job.

The job description and potential job candidate was very helpful to see the points that were illustrated. 


I will start to use the multiple hurdle approach and KSAO


This has been an interesting step-wise hiring lesson that should yeild great results. 

Having a good realistic job preview will increase your retention rate

Being honest with the candidate about the job. What you, as the director expecting from the instructor is critical—the best policy to be honest. 

Really taking the time to speak clearly about the job description and what is to be expected from the new employee is also a key area to focus on.  Also, looking for personal and professional qualities that will make them ideal teachers. 

Honesty about the joys and frustrations of the position will lead to a more successuful onboarding and a better adjustment to the role.

I love mini teaching lessons as part of the job interview. I have been doing this for years. 


it is important to be clear as to the job requirements, type of institution and possible challenges in order to offer a clear picture and hire the right instructor.


I have learned to listen more than I speak in an interview. I want to get a better understanding of the applicant and their views instead of recruiting them to work for my college. I also learned to be patient and don't hire the first candidate. I am more likely to get an employee that will stick if I give a clear and honest job description.


In this modle, The sequenceing of steps (hurdles) made alot of sense to me in effectively managing the selection process. The multiple hurdle method was one of the strategies that I had used, but did not really consider why I chose to use it. Very beneficial.

One thing I want to make sure to do is to write my notes right after the interview, even if I have more people I am going to interview. I also will use sticky notes rather than wiitng direclty on the applictioan. 


Reply to Melanie Smith's post:I love those teach- backs. I learn so much!

Reply to Maryjo Marvin-Dixon's post:Great. I love this strategy!

Thdre are many do's and dont when hiring an individual 


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