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Hiring the Right Faculty for Your Institution --> Faculty Recruitment

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Good point about tracking what works and what doesn't in the recruitment process and hanging onto contact info for candidates who were not a good fit for the current position as they can be for future positions.

When we've struggled with finding good applicants, I often wondered if it was the quality of the ad.  The four key factors to a good ad should help us going forward to grab their attention and create a desire for the job.

I think it is important to examine the recruitment process periodically to achieve desired outcome. Finding the right fit for both the organization and the candidate allows for a better relationship from the beginning.  

It is rewarding to know that I have been using a number of these strategies to recruit faculty members at WCU as well as other institutions.

You should not rely on just one area for recruitment.  Talking to current staff and faculty is a great way to network also.

It was interesting to see they didn't place a large emphasis on internet searches. That is the best way we've been able to cast a wide net. I do love thinking about hiring as also marketing for the school.


No matter what source of applicants you use, always remember to use the KSAOs to guide your efforts. 

KSAOs are very important in tersm of guiding. Also it is very important to look at the faculty recruitment very carefully so that it is done properly. 


I will remeber that recruiting is also marketing and staying positve throughout the process.


Job recruitment has been a difficult issue as experience in the field does not equal ability to teach. This is something we have struggled with quite a bit.  

It is important to use as many resources as possible when posting a job


Saving rejected candidates info for a different position or offering another position to apply for or work. The rejected candidate may be a better fit in another position. The recruiting process can yield many results, such as public relations, building resume files, and more. To be effective, it is essential to track the results of each step along the way and make changes as needed.

I like that they focus on utilizing many different areas and resources for recruitment. Making an announcement to graduates from your institution and keeping up with Alumni is a great way to encourage them when they get their first job in the field to work hard and maybe come back and become an instructor. Also, word of mouth to have your instructors who know others in the field that they would recommend will also open areas for recuritment. 

I appreciate the information on finding the right fit for the company and the applicant.  I also believe the section on recruitment from current employees being more beneficial than an outside source.

I am surprised they are talking about posting an ad in the newspaper. Does anyone still do this? 


The school management should use as many effective avenues as possible to attract new instructors, however, announcing the new position among colleagues and graduates or ven affiliated sites can be a cost-saving option and a good indicator of what constituents think of the institution.


In my next opportunity to hire I have a better understanding of the prep work that I need to do prior to meeting applicants. It makes so much sense to develop that KSAO. Without it, its like grocery shopping with out a list. You never get exactly what you need.

The habit of saving  rejected candidates information is a must . for example, whaile a candidate may not have the experience to be an RN instrcutor, they may very well have the requisite KSAO's to be an efective VN of MA instructor. 

One of the big things that stood out to me is to make sure to use a variety of recruitment mentods. This will haelp gather the best pool of qualified candidates. 


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