Richard Andreas

Richard Andreas

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Students can challenge the instructors on different levels. Keeping them involved is always important 

Fostering communication is essential for both on line and traditional classrooms. Finding what works is always tricky, but sticking to what is working is key. 

Creating your presence to the class is a important element to teaching. Students want to know that they are being taught by qualified staff. This also helps create a culture of trust with students. 

Setting up the course and knowing the specifics of the material is key. Making sure you can navigate the CMS will help you assit the students when they are having issues. 

Great insight to how a first day should be conducted. Unfortunately, many organizations dont spend enough time training staff and giving clear expectations. 

This section showed light on some great points. Ranking systems, RJP and multiple hurdle system. These will defiantly help weed out applicants that are not meeting the "deal breakers". 

Defiantly tracing what works and not works can save a lot of time and money. Training students for future jobs in the organization is a great way to ensure you will have future teachers. 

Completing the job analysis is a large task that is very important. The right team member will help create change in the work place. Completing the job analysis requires attention to detail and complete departmental needs. 

Definatley invite different opinions into the conversation and whatch for the blind spots


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