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Student Services Planning | Origin: OP105

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Developing a Five-year Plan for Your Educational Institution --> Student Services Planning

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

There are numerous things that I learned in this training. Some of the most important are the various ways to promote student success.

Student services is a high priority item for success of the student and longterm outcomes

Student services is necessary for student retention. 

The more proactive a school is with their students the more apt they are going to be succesful in their program  

The information in this course reminded me that it is important to view student support from a variety of "lenses." There are many departments and units that contribute to student success and we should work together to achieve the best outcomes.

The student service team plays an intergral role in the student and schools sucess.

There is a lot of diffirent parts that goes into a university, so one has to ensure that everything is going perfectly so that he or she can than make sure that formatting is correct as well. 


Student services is a vital part of a school's success. 

My takeaways from Student Services:

  • Graduation is a powerful student motivator  
  • Exit interviews are important in preparing students for externship and job placement readiness
  • Professional organization membership can boost student confidence


I learnt that schools should be proactive in order to retain students which can be employed through various ways, maybe the most applicable in my country are the following:

  • Graduation celebrations
  • Exit interviews
  • Internships when possible
  • Students' counselling and career counseling
  • Career exhibition to learn about career perspectives and requirements.

This section made me think about student services a little differently and how it interacts with my compliance person.  I may restructure or org accordingly.

Student Services and C areer Services are very important to the student body.


Great information! More interviews and activities will strenghthen the students commitment in the field. 


The exit interview is good and will help in the process of seeking employment, and encouraging success. 



I like this five year plan idea for students. When I was a Progam Director, I had students tell me where they saw themselves working. I wanted their ideal job. Over the next two years, I spent time in lecture describing the pros and cons of each of the different types of hospitals. They woul then start focusing on everything from the types of equipment theyd need to learn more about, how indepth they'd need to understand the electronics, and any other skills that were a benefit to that environment. 

Large hospital, small hospital, in house service department, outsourced service department, federal hospital, state hospital, DoD hospital, private insurance hospital, etc. There is more to being successful than focusing on one factor. 

We are adding a required "Introduction to Healthcare" course in the first term. There were many parts of this module that will be included, such as a thorough description of the possible jobs available upon completion of the program.

I thing student services planning is great.  I has the student's past, present, and future in consideration when making any future changes and when developing plans to help students become successful at the start, during, and after any program.

This Section is really important, specially with orientation they know what they are getting into before they start school.

Student services are a very important department as they help in the retention and student success.

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