Lisa Deans

Lisa Deans

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Recognition for a board member's contribution is a professional way to acknowledge their work

How to effectively engage board members and the importance of a well organized meeting.

Carefully choosing your Board members is an important factor if you want to optimize the board's effectiveness.

Creating a diverse Advisory Board would be beneficial. Inviting different levels within our fiel, Receptionist, Technologists, Managers etc. this could provide a variety of view points. This could give us a variety of insights as to what we need to improve and provide to our students.


I agree with Regina that the 10% rule was new information. It explained a great deal about how some things are structured in our organization

I learned more about the requirements such as a library

Student services is necessary for student retention. 

The five year plan gives your employees the message that the program/school is planning on continuous growth. This gives your employees a sense of security making them more likely to stay. By reducing the amount of retraining done to refill a position you cut cost, employee burnout and maintain a consistency within your organization. The five year plan as described also helps to get the others involved in the process which creates an invested feeling for everyone involved.

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