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Do You Manage Or Lead? | Origin: LS101

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Do You Manage Or Lead?

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I learned the key differences and nuances between effective managers and leaders, and that it is important to be a good manager in order to be a good leader. I also came to a realization while going through this module that there are several critical areas that I need to work on in order to be a more effective member of the leadership team in my organization. I have believed that I am a good leader, but I recognize areas in conflict resolution and effective communication that I can improve upon to be more effective as a team member and as a leader of my team.

I learned that it takes both sometimes to be effective in the workplace.  Leadership is something that helps to motivate people to do the job in a goal oriented way.

I am a Leader.  I have to balance the needs of our Students and Instructors, with the neds of our Investers.

I learned a lot about myself, I learned that I am more of a  manager and my goal has always been to be a leader.  I've also learned that it actually, truly takes a combination of both Management and Leadership skills to motivate teams and get the job done.

People Skills and proven successful career track helps to be good Leader/manager.

In this lesson I have learned that in order to be a successful leader, I must be optomistic and willing to work towards the organization's mission.  Individuals with leadership skills feel confidents in their skills and are able to make decisions and empower teams in order to make the Oranization stronger.  

  • In this lesson i have learned that supervisors and managers thinks differently and there expectation are different in many ways
  • But it is eqaually inportant to posessed both the traits of a manager and a supervisor.


I do think like a leader, it comes from being trained and lead by great leaders

Leadership gives sight, shows goals and motivates the team to get to the goal. Management is the skill of executing the leadership advice to get to the goal. 


I learned the importance of both managing the classroom and leading the class participants


I feel like I do both, but I would like to continue to work on these skills. 


I have learned both skills and feel like I do both, lead and mange.


This lesson has helped clarify for me the difference between leader and manager.  I've discovered that I'm more a Manager than Leader. Although I do have some Leadership skills, I definitely need to work on them to bring them more to the forefront if I really want successful professional growth.

This leaason has taught me the difference between a leader and a manger both of which are needed in an organization. Based on my role, I am more of a manger but there are instances where I am a leader. I want to develop both skills and be efficient in both in order to be more efficient at my job.


After this lesson I must admit that I have more leadership qualities and I focus more on those, but I certainly need to improve in the management area. There are times when I need to be more direct in my guidance and expectations, rather than assume others know what I need them to do.

The test showed that my answers indicate that I am a leader. Cover leaders need to have sentences that are true about themselves. The job description tells about the job position and the tasks that are needed to be done. A job description does not talk about leadership qualities. The world needs leaders as much as it does managers. Managers have more power and assess but not necessarily the leadership they should have. A myth is that managers have a lot of freedom to make decisions. Managers have good people skills, ability to persuade and influence, collaborate, and goal-oriented. Leadership does not always come with a position. You can be a leader at every stage in your career. Leadership is a process in influencing an organized group toward accomplishing its goals.

After the lesson I would conclude that a greater awareness of the key differences  between leadership and management. 


I beleive I lead more based on this course and the assesment. 


I believe that I manage and lead. I think it is necessary for success in my position to be able to do both. 


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