Miriam Delgado

Miriam Delgado

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In this module I review written skill to be constructive and asertive when communication is stripped of any physical or vocal cues.


In this module I learnd about Adaptative learning and TMC concepts. I review the importance of technology to enhance instruction in the online learning modality.


While completing this module I reviewed market trends, perceptions of online environments for employers, the characteristics of online students, thus this may have change do to the pandemia, and competences needed for an online student


In this module I learned about retention factors, retention theory, campus climate, and working alliances. I agree 100% with our role as helping professional... "nurturing peoples potential...". 


In thos course I reviewd online assessment. I learnd some new tools for plagiarism, and about SBQ.


In this module I learned about more virtual internship, its advantages and disadvantages.

In this module I learned about Virtual internship, its advantages and disadvantages, or scams.


 While completing this module I aknowledge the importance in identifing traits both in us as instructors as of students, in order to be more assertive in the design, implementation and evaluaion of a course.


From this module I have learned about the ways of using traits to create appropriate learning experiences. 


In this module I learned and anylize even myself with the true color system traits. Very interesting!


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