Evelio Yero

Evelio Yero

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The importance of assessment in daily class for the purpose of learning 

I have learnes that different assesssments  are necesary for multiple intelligences and forms of learning. 

The Rubric construction process of the Rubric needs a continuous feedback from the students. The rubric process is something always under contruction. 


The Rubric is basically and excellent feedback for students in terms assessment. This is the basic featura of Rubrics. 


Rubrics tend to enforce a sense of of feedback for students. In the same way peer assessment tend to develop social styles and ways of human cooperation. 


Rubric is a good education instrument if is used in a Holistical perspective and also a specific task analitical way. It is time comsuming also but it gives a more concrete perspective within the assessment function 


Three basic steps are important in the process. The process before class, the process during the class, and the process of assessment after the class. The method is truly useful and student oriented. 

Critical Analysis is a main aspect in the process of assessment because it relates course content wirh real life problems. 

The use of multisensory process during the outline course is the main topic here.

The importance of the lesson is the online course content and its learning achievement through quizzes, test and exams. This is a medular aspect of the course outine content.

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