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Connecting Instructors’ & Students’ Personality Traits | Origin: EL117

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Understanding Online Instructors’ and Learners’ Personality Traits --> Connecting Instructors’ & Students’ Personality Traits

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If a student has options of how they can achieve an assignment then they can feel confident in their knowledge and be more open to the assignment and in turn their education.  

I have learned to incorporate a variety of learning styles in my courses. I do like the fact that options help to build self esteem which aids is student success. We teach to a variety of students and we must remember that when we are planning our courses.


 Once instructors have analyzed their own and their students’ learning personalities, they can better understand their strengths, weaknesses, needs, and stressors.

Incorporate diffent learning styles in order to acheive a good learning experience


If instructors understand their students personalities traits they can better engage them and achieve better outcomes.


If we as instructors can align assignments to different learner personality traits then we can provide the students with different opportunities to complete the work given and develop self-confidenc.


I learned that If instructors understand their students personalities traits they can better engage them and achieve better outcomes.


Seth Soronnadi

That "It is important to consider students’ personality traits when developing activities because when students are working through activities that align well with their brightest/highest color (and many times their second color as well), they are happy in what they are doing."


Incorporating different learning techniques and styles will help the student with ease of learning, motivates and give them confidence with the acquired knowledge.

If an instructor learns their student's personality traits they can better understand how to effectively have them learn.

Gloria, By giving student's options in their learning  process I think it is great since everyone is not the same in their learning style. Now that we are movinvg away from thradtional syle we need to be more flexible in how students can learn and feel that they have an active part in thier education.

Giving students options with an asignment increases the buy in and enthusiasm the student has with the assignment.  THe options allow a student to select a version of the assignment that aligns with their personality traits.  

Instructors must ensure coursework and assignments allow everyone a chance to use their own best skills and personality traits to complete the learning and contribute to the course. Student personality types can be assessed early on with a list of four completion questions that require stduents to describe their own personality, preferences, etc. These can be used to design coursework that allows for all to succeed. For instance, blue students may enjoy group work the most and need to be able to communicate with others frequently. Gold students like deadlines, rules and procedures and may be more comfortable with strit deadlines and more concrete instructions for assignments. Green personalities need to know that the work they are doing is meaningful to there learning, so it will be important to them to have relevance-stating introductions to activities, and to de-brief after the activity. Orange need to be mobile, so will be most comfortable with assignments they can complete "any time, any place." Although they may need structure to keep them on track, they may chafe at too much structure. This is a good guideline to ensure all these preferences are represented in at least some components of the course. I will also try to identify these personality traits at the outset to give each student a chance to shine.

I realized that When I structure a course, I do should add more activities ( for the sake getting student's interest, knowledge, and engagement reinvigorated).


The instructor should try to identify with there students personality s and set courses that can touch on the different personalitys, not all personalitys can but fully achived but the more personatilys that can be touched on the more students can achive what they need to in order to achive what is required of them in the course.

Understanding the personality traits of a student helps them succeed. It encourages them to participate and be more comfortable in the online learning envirnoment.

This is sometimes difficult. I have had students who love the pressure of the time crunch and they will wait until the last minute to do things. I am not that person. I like to get everything done early if possible. So that difference in personality can be difficult to overcome, but I have learned to harness the lateness and show them how it can be beneficial to do things early. Granted, some still don't adhere to it and turn things in just in the nick of time.

It is a good practice to provide options for assignments according to learners" TC profile.  


It can be difficult if an instructor has a certain personality trait and students don't. Be flexible, that can be difficult but to be an effective instructor you have to be. Have options for projects.


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