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I did not realized how much microblogging was being introduced to online classes. I think this will be very help for students. It  will help alot

with comunication between students and teachers.   It is also a great tool for students to contact other atudents and learn together. 

This will be very helpful for gen z students

Microblogging is a very useful resourse for online teaching.


It is actually ok to use texting language and the word short because of the limited number of characters.

The instructor may use microblogging to: 

  • Tweet reminders of or changes in due dates or upcoming assignments
  • push out sample quiz or test questions. This can be done effectively as a test review session. 
  • take a poll of students’ opinions.
  • post a definition and ask students to respond with the correct vocabulary word. 

Engaging students instead of developing a passive environment in which students simply listen to lectures and take online tests can be done by using microblobbing. As students are using microblogs, they see what other students think and compare thoughts about a topic. Microblogs can also help students focus their thoughts brcause they must be brief and to the point due to the limit on available charactors. As students' Tweeting improves, their communication will become more succinct and clear.

I do like microblogs, however I would encourage students to follow organizations like ASHRAE and AWS the reason is for reference and bettering their skills in HVACR.  A lot of knowledge the how, when, where, and why;  is what I think the books is about.  This information is most time relatable to theory some 30 to 40 years ago.  The theory is correct but the change in technology is growing at such a rate that to stay on top one must stay in the area.  

I think this would bridge the gap between us the gen Z

Microblogging needs to have well structured guidelines to fit the purpose of why it is being incorporated as supplement learning. If following, must be professional organizations related to nursing.

Microblogging is a type of discussion, but with tweets.  So far, this might be the best social media type activity that the students will have maximum engagement with.  I am excited about this one.

I didn't realize how much microblogging I was already doing with Remind & Twitter.  I never thought to use it in an assignment to expand the classroom.

Microblogging, on platforrms such as Twitter, can be used to follow important personalities, post relevant facts related to the learning, or redirect to sites such as Nurph for more extensive discussion. Instructors can use microblogging to ask discussion questions, send out announcements or reminders, poll students, or post links to relevant research sites. Rubrics shold be used and must be modified for things such as accounting for or disallowing the use of web language. microblogging can provide the real time communication that replicates a F2F environment or allows for group projects, such as collaborative tweets. I would probably use these for announcements and to follow leaders of politics, the arts or technology.

I've learned to use microblogging more effectively. The three ways discussed here were really helpful. I can create my own content, challenge the students to create content, and also follow prominent figures in the field.

Microblogging can be an effective learning tool is monitored. Teacher must explain purpose and expectations before implementing microblogging in online class.

Microblogging can easily get a quick responce from students. Being that the responces are brief, it does make them think about what they need to write to it can express their full thought.

Incorporating microblogging or social media use in your class takes a targeted and focused mindset to make sure it's implemented properly in your class. Using social media means that assignments should be Vetted, focused and meet specific expectations.


I never considered Twitter a "Microblog". Interesting take on that. I wonder how students feel about Twitter in regards to using it for educational purposes.

I have used Twitter before, but I have never considered it for blogging. That is an interesting idea.

I learned several ways to integrate microblogging into an online course, including using the character limitations of Twitter to help students be more concise in their communication.