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Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

The on line learning should be an asset to what you are learning in class. maybe it will give certin students a clearer view of what is being taught in class. With a rubrics, we can access students work easier and grade more effectively. 

I learned the importance of utilizing a rubic to assess students. This provides consistentsy and transparency throughout the course.

Communication, collaboration, and rubrics are keywords.

Collaboration is an important part of the communication process.  It allows for reflection that leads to learning.

I have learned Guidelines must first be provided and then the instructor must monitor the discussion to assess the direction and content. Without this monitoring, there is a risk of minimal discussion or too much unfocused discussion.

Communication is necessary online learning.


The rubric is a tool that helps both the students and the instructor. It makes it easier for the student to clearly identify what needs to be done on a project of assignment and it helps the instructor when grading work. 

What have you learned from this module and how do you intend to apply it?


I didn't think about creating rubrics for communication. It's a good thing to think about. 

Feedback is very important and must be consistent. Students need to know you are seeing their work and evaluating it. 


I learned how important communication is to building a community in the online course and that it is important to not only communicate academically, but also on a personal level. Both communication and collaboration are important. I will make sure that my expectations of the communication portion is clearly stated at beginning of class and do what i can to ensure that i am engaging the students.


I have learnt about how to develop policies guiding participation, how to measure good communication, how to promote community values and how to create rubrics for communication in an online environment.

My take is that, an effective communication process, student quality engagement in discussions,  collaboration and use of communication rubrics connected to course objectives enhances safe community that results in assessment and better learning outcomes.


A rubric for communication, collaboration and safe community is key to student engagement in quality discutions and learning outcomes.

A rubric is a good tool to have prior to a scheduled assisgnment. Its provideds a guide to the student regarding grading. 

Communicating with Students --> Measuring Good Communication

As an istructor, I will try to enhance a sense of community. It is important to not only communicate academically, but be able to offer communication on a personal note to create dialogue; hence, engaging students.

Communication, collaboration and the use of rubrics are all key components.  


Online communications must be encouraged by the course facilitator. You should initially set up a rubric to establish guidlines to class discussions. Students should be encouraged to involve themselves in discussion. You can assist in this by asking the students questions instead of simply stating facts. Do not respond immediately to students responses, allow discussion to transpire before you interject. 

I wrote this down from the module because it says it all.  "One of the ultimate goals should be to facilitate learning while building community."  Just because they are online students doesn't mean they are not your classroom. 


I found it interesting about building the community and that once communciaton on boards start you will know when the community has come together.  Also, the movment between commuicaiton and collaboration (1 vs several).

Developing lessons that encourage Collaboration instead of lessons that allow for divide and conquer is key to developing a sense of community within the online classroom