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Assessment Plan | Origin: EL103

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Teaching Online: A Student-Centered Approach -->  Assessment Plan

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Feedback is absolutely important and the students can benefit from all types. The rubrics are important because it helps the instructor grade everyone same and the students learn what they have done wrong and right. 

Providing feedback helps assist students in achieving different learning objectives and improve their skills.

This topic provided us with knowledge on formative vs summative assessments, utilization of a rubric,student to student assessing and various feedback models to the learners.  


What I got from this module is that meaningful feedback that is connected to learning objectives, and is specific and provided in an appropriate way can give students information to help them increase their knowledge.

The use of forms of formative and summative assessments with a focus on the use of a rubric, for teacher and peer assessments, are very useful feedback tools. 

I learned that there are different types of assessments that should be performed throughout a course. In addition, meaningful feedback is helps the student increase their knowledge of the subject matter.

Assesments are very importnat to use.  They can be in the form of a rubric, or test or quiz.  Meaningful feedback is also very important, not so with a rubric, but with a test or a quiz imbeeded feedback can be very important, or when evaluating a web page make sure links work and use verbal feedback

Providing feedback that is specific is imperative for student learning.  A "good job"  does not provide sufficient information for an improvement.

Rubrics take some of the subjectivity out of written assignments which I prefer as students are not as able to claim favortism over grades

Assessing students not only show what they have learned but what you as a teacher can improve on or what you have taught well.  Rubrics are a great tool to use.  It  helps students know the expectations and how to self assess their work.  It is alos extremely important to provide the student with feedback.

I should always include objectives and clear criteria and/or relate the objectives to the reflective components, to create meaningful assessment.

Rubrics are something I never learned until I went to college, but once I learned about them, I realized how very helpful they were in identifying where I needed to improve and how to improve. 


A very well structured and informative grading rubric plays an important role when evaluating student's understanding of learning material. It also helps faculty to assess themselves about how effective their teaching skills / methods are.

Assessment is important to assess students knowledge but feed back is more important  so students learn can increase thier knowledge.


I have learned that feedbacks to students should be specific and not generic, and is veri important in the learning process


I learned the importance of having various types of assessments: formative, summative, self and peer assessments.  Providing effective feedback gives the students valuable information to enhance their learning and performance in the course.


I really learned the difference between summative and formative assessment. I knew the difference to a slight degree, but this helped me to understand it even better. Also learned ways to create a rubric. I will practice making a rubric, it is one of my challenges.


Creating rubrics and self-assessment techniques to allow the individual to self-correct and self-educate which will remove the burden from the instructor.


What have you learned from this module and how do you intend to apply it?

I didn't necessarily "learn" anything new from this, but became more aware of the importance of having rubrics developed that show the students what they need to know and learn from the lesson objectives. 

I never considered the use of rubrics in regard to each specific objective.I'm anxious to try that in the next online class that I develop.


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