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Projecting Your Presence | Origin: EL102

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Online Teaching Techniques --> Projecting Your Presence

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I learned how important it is to be relational and get to know your students even from behind the computer screen.

Make it a personal experience with students to create an open and positive learning envrionment. By allowing them to see who you are gives them a connection to the faculty.

A great way to project your presence is to let your students know about your credentials, but also let them know about some things related to your career where you have made a difference in the lives of others. This can go a long way to humanize you to your students.


This module clearly articulated the importance of projecting your authority and influence as an online instructor in order to build confidence and trust with your students.


This course has given me insight into what students will want from an online instructor. Being intentional and aware of each student's learning will make the course a better experience. I have made a checklist of the recommended ways to manage asynchronous discussions. I also made a list of what a synchronous discussion will need. This has been what I needed to move forward with confidence.

On line is challenging as you have to get to know your audience by their ability to project themselves via writing.  Student bio's is a great introduction on what type of writing skills to expect from each student in the on line classroom.


I learned that you can still have a relationship with each of your students while holing the courses online. I still instruct to each of their strengths from the computer

Projecting your presence is important to online students, as it gives them a better sense of the instructor's qualifications and to see them as a person. The instructor-student connection is important to their investment in the class and to participation.

Adding  a personal touch to online education opens a building trust with students

The instructor-student relationship is critical in the online environment. Frequent, meaningful interaction that is student specific can build trust, rapport and support student engagement.

It's important that your students know what you bring in terms of your experiences that can possible help them learn and be able to apply that knowledge.

How Important it is to be able to mange your classrom & be supportive to your students

I learned the need to establish good rapport with students the first week of on line class.  Continue to address needs of the student in a timely manner to enhance the learning needs of the student.  


i learned that E-learning should not be different than on ground regarding professionalism and addressing any issue with the students and delivering educational material in understandable manner

It is great to review that trust and respect are also earned by actively participating in introductions, feedbacks, facilitation, in a timely manner. Most of my online professors who I respect are active instructors.

Reply to Patricia Weaver's post: There's nothing like a genuine introduction to start off on the right foot. :)

Providing students information about who you are and what you expect is key to ensuring you start off on the right foot. I intend to do this by explaining my background and experience and sharing some of my hobbies and interests. I also like to provide students with my expectations for myself ie. how soon I should respond to their emails. 


I like the idea of posting a bio about yourself and then receiving one about the student. I think that the individuale followup will really invest the student and help them to feel more connected. 


The opportunity to learn more regarding the student and sharing of myself as to experience, academic credentials, and educational experience will allow for an interactive relationship whereby I can influence or facilitate the student to succeed in acquiring the information needed to succeed in their online course.  Hopefully the sharing of information will lead to a trust relationship enfluencing the expectation of quality work to be rendered from both the educator (myself) and the student.



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