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Using Visual Methods | Origin: ED310

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Teaching Medical Terminology in Fun and Exciting Ways --> Using Visual Methods

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I never thought to incorporate visual note taking in the classroom. This is a fun way to memorize terminology!

Yes, I have never used visual note taking before! I will need to incorporate this!

Although 1 and 5 people are artistic, I think the visual note taking is awesome for the students to remember.

I learned a great deal and have more to learn. I will seek out additional information in an effort to help not only me but my students to succee.

T have learned from this module is that there are many ways to engage the student to actively participate in his or her learning and as a facilitator, it is my responsibility to assess my students and come up with the best format for my group.

Visual note taking is another level. Thank  you!

I enjoyed reading through the different types of learning activities to engage students in terminology. The assignment that I would implement in class first would be the Draw a tem because students have better retention when they are physically a part of the activity. 


I learned some new spins to some of the techniques I was using that will help break up some of the class clicks. i can pictured which students in my present class will enjoy the charades the most.


Visual note-taking is a great technique for some students. 

I like the idea of breaking up class/lecture with some of these activities like charades or draw a term. 

I love the visual methods like beat the clock and even having a large sketch pad in the class to jot terms and other ideas for increasing student engagement and retention. We are a society that loves to compete.  


I really like all these ideas and am looking forward to implementing several of them!

I love the Charades using fun and humor in the classroom engages in learning.

I have learned many new visual techniquesand ideas to stimulate my classroom. I think Draw a term would be a great visual game the students would have fun with and learn at the same time.

This module goes more in-depth on the concept that many people are visual learners.  This module gave us examples of how we can apply this knowledge to help students learn.  I like the idea of breaking up the monotony of lecture every so often, to do a visual activity, to help reinforce a topic.

I love that these ideas incorporate all different learning styles. Theyve given me some great ideas, and I will try to adapt some to online learning.


I like the concept of visual note taking. I'm going to try it.

Understanding visual aids is greater than hanging informative posters its incorporating them into the lesson plan as a memorization activity.  


I have felt pretty confident with multiple learning styles, however, not all. I can't relate to the analytical person and therefore son't have as many tools in my toolbox for all learners. 

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