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Customer Service in the Classroom | Origin: ED209 | New comment by Maria Maldonado

The more we engage learners the more they will be able to understand the material delivered. So is important to assess our learners to be able to find specific tasks to utilize for students. If we...

Advising Students | Origin: ED209 | New comment by Maria Maldonado

Listening to students and effectivelly communicating with them is essential to find out the needs of the students. By understanding their needs develop goals and plan of actions to ensure students...

Student Retention | Origin: ED209 | New comment by Maria Maldonado

It's important as educators to understand both academic and non-academic barries to students retention. Increasing students retention is  the goal of our organization. The more we assist the...

Increasing Student Retention by Flipping the Classroom | Origin: ED410 | New comment by Maria Maldonado

Reply to Marian Achenie's post:Excellent, I agree that students will find themselfs more knowledable by applyin the information in class after they review content at home. Feedback can be provided...

Using Visual Methods | Origin: ED310 | New comment by Maria Maldonado

I love the Charades using fun and humor in the classroom engages in learning.

Effective Teaching Strategies | New blog by Maria Maldonado

This lesson is very well presented the effective and has great information to utilize in classroom setting. I enjoyed watching the videos, found them very useful.