Najja Hajj-mak

Najja Hajj-mak

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This course of Team Management provided an insight on how to effectively manage a team, share and exchange collective ideas and promote team productivity. 

There are both pros and cons with using VIs.  One of the downfalls is the lack of in-person interaction and networking. 


Effective communication is vey important in all aspects of life. When individuals are able communicate effectively, there appears to be a strong presence of self confidence within the individual. He/she has to courage to express themselves and share ideas. 


As a medical assistant instructor, it is imperative to use case studies and patient scenarios to create simulated situations to enhance critical thinking and applied skills. 


This module was informative as to provide skills to enhance student critical thinking skills for problem solving. Also, as instructor we must keep in mind it is greater than 'to do as we say' we must provide an example what we expect from them as pupils. 


There are many compenents to consider when developing a rubic. All components are crucial as to how the student process and receives the feedback as well as to how they will apply it moving forward in their learning process. 


Rubics provide a detail format for the student as a margin of what is expected within the course or an assignment. A rubic is also used as a tool for feedback for the instructor to the student, thus, allowing the student a reference as to where he/she needs strengthen and therer understanding of the assignment or course. 


The rubic is beneficial to the course as if allows for both the student and the instructor an outline as to how points are delivered and received. 


It is important for the success of each student that the course is outlined in a manner that will compliment individual learning styles. As instructor is good practice to incorporate material that will provide a clear and concise study outline. 


The information provided in the module was helpful for developing additional learning strategies for online courses. 


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