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That the experience obtained by the students should be in relashion with their future work.

That the suppervisors shoul be like coaches, showing and telling them how to behave and participate in the workplace environment.

That the best way to teach students is by example.

Any Good Intership Should Aid Future Workers Develop Professional Behaviors That Aid In Opening Doors.

Aquiring skills related to professionalism is always a plus

It is big responsibility to be an internship supervisor. Considering paying the interns is an effective way to keep intern students more accountable. It is important that the supervisor introduces the intern to the employees of the workplace to help the intern student develop better skills working in the environment of employees.  

The supervisors themselves need to be trained to provide better guidance to the interns.  As a potential supervisor, I think I will get every training I can to properly organize the learning experience for the students-interns, like  making sure the intern is given adequate responsibilities that would be gradually increased to better suite the job description in case the student will be hired later.


I really can't say how I will apply it because our school is a technical school and dosen't really have an intership with any of our employers. They do have extended training to better help the graduate understand what is expected of them, but it's not actually an internship position, they are actully hired at that point. Some of the students work part time in that career field that they are learning in class.


I have gone an extra mile to search for intern sites for our students as a gateway to future employments.

These job internships should help students with basic job skills and overall work habits.  


Internships require a great deal of responsibility as they are similar to preceptorships.  It provides people with the opportunity to learn the company or industry.  It also requires an great deal of supervision while the enrollees are learning.


Internships will help kids with soft skills as well as career knowledge.  It is important the supervisor be involved with the students. 


It's important to establish a good rubric fo rthe employees at eh intership site to evaluate the student. Work with the site supervisors to ensure the student is working towards meeting the program goals and not just being jused for grunt work. 

Defining clear roles and responsibilities is vital to a successful internship.