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Reply to Brenda Blanco's post:

I agree. EQ is important when dealing with stress and dealing with different or complex situation. 

Soft skills are essential when in the work place. I have learned also that soft skills take time to gain. While some others do have the nature of the soft skills as their gifts 


Learn how to focus , identify the self learning method. 

Educate students there are different ways to learn but find the one which you feel comfortable and be consistent 


Learning the difference of E learning and traditional class . how it affect the students in learning. Students need to adapt the changes to complete the course. 

It is important to respect the students, knowing them and guide them to be successful students. Get to know them and understanding their families why are they having the difficulty , help them to learn and be a good respectable independent nurses 


Find out the strength of the students and apply teaching technique according with planning. 



"Model, manage and motivate" 

In a addition, be humble and be profession 

but do show your ability in front of the students in the first class meeting

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