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Fostering Soft Skills in the Classroom| Origin: ED402 - ED403

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Fostering Soft Skills in the Classroom 

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

During this training I learned the skills and tools needed to enhance my teaching style.   

I feel it's very important to bring out the best in a student, and this course has shown that.

I feel that the training is good for me &the student.

This was agreathelp with my Teaching assigments 

Pretty basic information

The training was really common sense. But overall great information to continue to think about. 

This was very basic information, but a good refresher

For post conference with the nursing student, the students share experiences and what they have learned.  I will develop a rubric that can be given to them for review and I will use to critique the informative presentation.

I want to create a tool that can be for shift report and will include concise, clear information. 

Writing is important in nursing and is a weak area for most students.  I will create a tool for providing a summary of what the students' experienced or learned for the day.

This course reinforced that good communication skills are necessary for teamwork and collaboration.  The soft skills addressed in this couse can be practiced in a variety of ways and in all content areas.  I believe that to prepare students for college and career, all subject areas must take part in teaching and reinforcing soft skills. 


One important take away from the ED 403 class is to encourage students to use feedback to make improvements to hard and soft skills.


The skills discussed in this program are essential to individuals in every aspect of their life - not just in their professions. 

It would be beneficial to students if a classroom culture was created that is similar to business culture.

  I can create soft skill exercises for my students to practice as small groups and then we can have an discussion.

I would like to create daily soft skills labs and have the students evaluate their own performance

I like the preplanning concept.  It not only assist with time managment but also gives a window into how much is true on your plate.

I think it's important for teachers to have a daily agenda posted either in person or online in the learning management system. Kids need to know deadlines and expectations ahead of time. 




I enjoyed this course and appreciate the valuable information on communication techniques for soft skills growth in the classroom.

I've learned why soft skills are important, such as listening, collaborating with others, presenting ideas and communicating with team members are all highly valued in the modern workplace and now virtual platform.  In the healthcare profession, soft skills are in fact more important and very much necessary for a person to be a good human being as well as to succeed in this profession. Soft skills are important because they enable students to adjust to the frustrations and challenges they will encounter in their adult life, as well as the demands of work. I will continue to encourage collaboration and cooperative learning. The best way to hone these interpersonal skills is by practicing them, putting students in groups not only reflects the nature of project work and teamwork that is prevalent in the modern workplace, it also gives them the opportunity to practice organizing themselves, managing their goals and deadlines, negotiating to make decisions, listening actively and supporting each other, and gaining empathy for others.



I enjoyed this course and appreciate the valuable information on soft skills, adaptability, problem solving, conflict resolution and self- motivation.  I've learned one of the most important goals of a college education is the preparation for success in the world of work.  Also, if you're pursuing a nursing career, you'll need to practice and develop soft skills as you build technical and medical skills.

Brenda DaCosta  

The videos were a bit legnthy and the information was pretty obvious. I didn't feel the questions after the videos were very good. I would utilize some of the videos and information though.


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