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This course offers practical and applicable ways to "use every tool in the tool box"

Class room & school wide discipline are different in nature but work hand in hand.


Class room discipline should be handed with these things in mind:

  • Be positive
  • Be tactful
  • Ask student to submit a brief statement on how they will improve their behavior
  • Never lose ones temper
  • Never ignore the issue
  • As the student to meet right after the class to discuss the issue. ( correct issues privately)( address the behavior, & not the student directly)
  • Always use “I” language & avoid “you” language.
  • Always start class & end class on time.
  • Continually evaluate how I handle discipline issues.

Passing the student a note instructing them how they need to redirect their behavior is a great idea. That limits any disruption during a lecture or class discussion, Q and A. 

Good course...exactly what I needed to hear. I need to be more confident in my apporach inidicually with the student exhibiting negative/disruptive classroom behaviors, instead of putting it on the whole group of students.

Disruptive behavior can not be tolerated, but a good teacher must be tactful in the way they deal with it.

No matter who you are working with patience and process should be applied

This course taught me better ways to handle disruptive behavior in the classroom. 

This course show me better ways to handle behavioral problems.

I appreciated the examples and the options, providing practical suggestions for how to manage the classroom. 

Classroom discipline is important if an instructor wants his/her class to run smoothly and effectively. Confronting various distracting behaviors: tardiness, sleeping or talking in class, or angry students is something that instructors will encounter, I certainly have. Learning how to confront these behaviors in a positive way is essential to helping all students succeed. I have learned some addition measures to employ in helping my students to reach their goals.  

This presentation is greatly appreciated. I have learned other means of handling disruptive behaviors, especially with the adult learners. It is quite challenging to educate adult learners due to their set ways, but as instructors, we need to guide them to be better if they chose to become better. The different approaches that were identified in handling the disruptive individual/s, will assist the student/person to appreciate thier instructor/s for caring and attempting to determine the cause of their action/s. Afterall, we chose this professional to assist the students in fulfilling their goals and be successful. Indeed, we cannot ignore the improper behaviors, we must address it, don't be confrontational, don't lose your compusure, seek assitance if you need to in handling the individual's behavior/s.

This course taught me how to be better with discipline within the classroom.

The presentation embraces a "don't wait" persepctive. I appreciate that. 

classroom management can be applied tactfully and with dignity.  If there is a time when a student verbally abuses, it's time for that student to be excused politely from class.

I learned useful strategies to deal with potential classroom issues while also maintaining your professionalism and respect for students.  Setting clear expecatations and remaining consistent will help minimize issues with students.

Great informaton presented here.  One thing I would like to add is maybe instructors could utilize the "annnoucement" section in their online platform (i.e. blackboard or canvas).  They can post an annoucement about students disrupting or coming to class late/leaving early. This way the individual student is not singled out and they feel embarrassed.

Sure wish I would have had this information two weeks ago when I had a highly disruptive and confrontational student act inappropriately in my class. As luck would have it, being a new teacher, I did not have the tools to handle it appropriately and now I'm seeing why it didn't go that well. Darn it for my poor timing!

this is such a good lesson!

In this module I learned about managing classroom behavior with disruptive students.  The Adult learner is different than a child learner.  We must treat the adult with dignity and demonstrate understanding for good classroom management.  I like the tip about giving the student a note rather than reprimanding them in front of the whole class.  The tip on handling tardy students was also useful and can help to stop the behavior.  I have encountered many of these classroom behavior issues and maintaining my composure, being respectful and being consistent, were the keys to gaining control of the classroom.   


I enjoyed this lesson

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