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Setting the Stage for Success | Origin: ED104

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Class Management Strategies--> Setting the Stage for Success

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I always have an icebreaker for the first meeting of class.  I ask the students to find a new friend and interview them, using the hand-out that I give them.  Questions include some background information about themselves and then reasons for taking this class.  Students introduce their new friend by the answers they received.  I also agree that the syllabus needs to be specific, including learning outcomes, course topics to be discussed, an explanation of course assignments, grading, and participation.  I liked the idea of included information about missed or late assignments.

Setting multiple reminders for due dates. Set the missed assignment standards. There will always be a 10% variable of missed assignments and not always from the same students. 

Approaching students while taking into consideration the different ways they think, work, and function is reassuring to students, thereby reducing the stress they may be feeling. Being realistic and fair while also providing reasonable explanations for actions is most helpful.In other words, consider how I would wish to be treated and apply that.



Team assignments are good for students to learn how to work together, get to know their classmates and get a chance to help each other.  Keeping in mind that 10% of the class will miss assignments will help me design a plan to deal with it.

While presenting the syllabus, I use it as an opportunity for my students to practice how to calculate percentages, which is a calculation they need to be using in several courses in the program (and in their life!). They can calculate the maximun number of missing classes they can have to prevent failing the course, they also understand how important -in terms of gades- is to get the homeworks on time and perfectly done, and other things. This makes the presentation active and promote engagement, and also improve their understanding on how to be successful in the course.


useful information 


Lerned ideas on how to incentivise students to get their work in on time.

always be a role model for success


Be available and aware


From this course, I have learned that it is good to have lots of communication within the course. This is so that the students are aware of the expectations and also aware that they can come to you with any issues that they may have. Also, I will incorporate more teambuilding exercises into my own courses to help boost morale with my students. 


My primary lesson was to really communicate expectations an policies so that students can start to envision their time in the classroom.  Always leave room for individualism within the course policies.

Be aware, available 

We were taught as nurses to treat our pateint as we would like to be treated or how we would like for our loved ones to be cared for. Having been a student for so many years, I motivate my students to achieve their goal and develop a good study habits. This segment have validated my knowledge of the advantages of using the syllabus as a teaching map. As an educator, I plan to emphasize to students to use the syllabus as a guide to meet learning expectations/goals and assignment deadlines. I will use the constant posting of reminders and announcement to decrease the students' anxiety.

Always be s role model, making yourself available and aware of your students to help with their career goals. 

Ice breakers can be useful. I also learnt how to better create a course syllabus. 


Embody what you want the success to look like, foster positive growth within the classroom or online platform. 

On day one I explain policy and expectations. A course calendar with assignments and due dates are on it. My e-mail is also given, if they have any question or concerns. Maybe they're not confortable asking in front of the class they can ask me via e-mail.

I appreciate the reminder to refresh students regarding the disticinction between expectations that may have been placed on them in high school versus post-secondary education. It's important that we teach them the skills to obtain a job/career, but it's equally important to teach them the skills to keep their position!

It has been many years since my college days but it brought back a smile when I reae that most students want to know, What's in it for Me? I remember asking myself the same questions of my professors and instructors.  Sometimes I got a good answer and Sometimes I didn't get any answer at all. I'd like to make sure my students know WIIFM.  The syllabus and especially the deadlines for course work are especially imortant and I will do my best to make sure everyone has a clear idea of expectations. 

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